Deals, Freebies and more! Say it isn’t so! If you love Coke Zero like I do, start stockpiling it. Coke announced Wednesday 7/26 they are discontinuing it! It is being replaced with a new drink called Coca Cola Zero Sugar. Expect to see it hit the store shelves in August. Coke says Coke Naught Sugar has already been a struck 25 markets, not to mention Europe plus the Hub East.

What’s the transformation? Coke Naught Sugar is alleged to go through extra such as the indivisible Coke. The black packaging is realizing a trivial makeover more than usually, as well as the iconic cherry Coca Cola disc appearing .

Personally I am energized to confer it a seek! I affection my Coke Not anything, save for do similar to the core Coke zest, nonetheless not the added sugar and calories . No matter what do you imagine?

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